A simple way to think about the Internet when you take your business online


Stumbling into the world of social media with the idea of getting your business out there can be daunting if it’s your first time. There are so many places you could post, and it’s critical to post the right information in the right place – because that is where your audience will be.

Visualise the Internet as a city.



The corporate website is your storefront.

It isn’t directly selling to you but will give you information on what’s inside and what to expect.

Think about your audience when making this website. Don’t only think of what you want your audience to know. Try putting yourself in your the shoes of a member of your audience. What might they want to get from your website?

When making your corporate website, still put more of yourself into it. Don’t make it so generic, and instead, give it the personality that draws in people.

Craiglist is like a bulletin board at the grocery store. 

Here, everyone is going to stop by and check all of the classified ads on community events, job openings, services, and other local interests.

Depending on your type of business, Craiglist can be useful, but it is more suitable for services such as tutoring, repairs, and much smaller scale services. This is why it is important to know where your content should be going.

eBay is a garage sale.

Much like Craiglist, this isn’t a staple for your business. Although, some have turned to eBay as a business.

The use of eBay is very situational for companies, depending heavily on the products that you sell. After forming a success from eBay, sellers will often create their website to sell their goods and link their site to their eBay page.

Amazon is a Superstore.

You can find anything here.

Another medium for selling, Amazon is the world’s largest distributor through electronic commerce. With countless online shops, Amazon sets up a point of sale for businesses to sell their goods.

Sellers can tap into Amazon’s infrastructure in exchange for a fee, and sell their products. Much like eBay, after retailers establish, they often create their website as a selling point to their buyers.

Mainstream media sites are the newspapers. 

This concept is self-explanatory; much like a local newspaper, your ideas can be pitched in the form of a news release to be picked up as a story for the media.

Mainstream media outlets and physical newspapers share the same idea: getting news out to their audience – and in the end your audience.

Find ways to work with other forms of mainstream media. Don’t only sell your product and instead, sell a story.

Social Media is the private clubs and cocktail parties.

Here is where everyone wants to be. The social media, in this case, is your blogs, forums, and social networks. Using social media is how you meet new people and find those who will be interested in you and what you have to offer. In the end, you will find your best luck here.

In the end, you will find your best success here, as it is the most versatile of the places.

Moving to the big city. 

Think about what you have to offer and tailor your content to the place you are posting.

eBay isn’t for sharing your business’ backstory, and your corporate website isn’t used to sell your product directly. Instead, think critically about where you’re posting, and what kind of audience will be waiting for you there.


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