The Role of Video and Audio in Web Marketing

In web marketing, a lot of what someone may do on their blog or website to market their products is all in text and still images. Blogs are especially notorious for being a great big wall of text with nothing but one’s own attention span and love of reading to keep their interest on a blog. There are some things in web marketing that text and images alone cannot do. Text cannot set an atmosphere, give off emotion or create any sort of vibe. This is when web marketers go on to using video or audio to enhance their marketing experience.

Thanks to the extra ‘bang’ that can be delivered with video, video has the power to turn topics that would otherwise be boring to viewers, interesting and fun, if done correctly. Videos can be posted on many different platforms. Some people will post video on their blog in order to enhance their blogger’s experience, but there are also platforms on the internet dedicated to video. YouTube, Vine, Dailymotion and Vimeo are a few examples of platforms marketers can use to get their messages across.

If video is too much of an investment (as video production can be expensive) than sometimes podcasts are the better way to go. Podcasts are simply audio files that a viewer can listen to. The benefit of podcasts is that they are much less expensive to dish out and can be updated on a more frequent basis. Podcasts can be played on such platforms like: iTunes, Google Reader, MyYahoo and Newsgator just to name a few. Podcasts are also very easy to control and are very powerful tools in terms of reaching potential buyers directly. Because of small production value and its ease of creation, podcasts can react to audience feedback on a timely basis and in an interesting way.

While podcasts and video are very useful and can possibly hold a company up on its own, they are not meant to completely thwart the other tools of web marketing and should be used alongside the other web marketing tools as a way of enhancing and optimizing on your arsenal of web marketing strategies.

Media such as video and audio are powerful tools in the web marketing industry. On the internet, people are impatient and can only read so much text before they begin to get bored and lose their attention. Video and audio are fun and interesting ways to keep a user attentive to what it is you are trying to convey.


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