Building a Marketing and PR Plan


Marketing is often associated with products and services being sold. While this is correct, there is more to it than that. Marketing, more than products and services, is about the customers you are selling to. Marketing is no longer about forcing people into submitting to your desires, marketing is about giving a group of people something they want, and thus, you must plan your strategy around bringing forth this idea.

A common error in several marketing plans is focusing on the wrong thing. Objectives in the marketing plan should be associated with what the actual business is. For example; a musician should try to make revenue by selling their music in one form or another. An artist should sell its art. Large corporations need to gain revenue to grow. To do this, the marketer needs to know the audience they are trying to sell to and appeal to that very market. Many marketers and PR executives still believe that the old styles of marketing are effective and do not use the new tools that our modern day has given to us.

Buyer personas can be a useful tool in this case. A buyer persona can help you find specific details about the type of audience you have gathered. As you learn about your customers, catering to their needs and meeting what appeals to them will become clearer. These details can include, but aren’t limited to: where you can find them, what they enjoy doing, how they would prefer to purchase and other tidbits of useful info. Interviewing someone (especially a customer) can also prove to be a great way of creating a form of buyer persona.

If you are looking to expand your audience, there are ways of bringing new people in. Going back to what I said earlier, marketing is about your audience, so you would be creating some sort of content that would appeal to this new group. Do people like to shop or get information online? Build that website and fill it with content that will bring in other people can catch attention.

As we were reminded in class “YOU are not your customer” and the ways of marketing have evolved. Great content and useful products are still essential, but knowing your audience and building something that people would want is even more effective. Soo remember, if you’re creating your own business or you want to get something you’ve worked hard on out there, remember who you’re targeting and use the tools necessary to reach them and bring them in.


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