Building a Marketing and PR Plan


Marketing is often associated with products and services being sold. While this is correct, there is more to it than that. Marketing, more than products and services, is about the customers you are selling to. Marketing is no longer about forcing people into submitting to your desires, marketing is about giving a group of people something they want, and thus, you must plan your strategy around bringing forth this idea.

A common error in several marketing plans is focusing on the wrong thing. Objectives in the marketing plan should be associated with what the actual business is. For example; a musician should try to make revenue by selling their music in one form or another. An artist should sell its art. Large corporations need to gain revenue to grow. To do this, the marketer needs to know the audience they are trying to sell to and appeal to that very market. Many marketers and PR executives still believe that the old styles of marketing are effective and do not use the new tools that our modern day has given to us.

Buyer personas can be a useful tool in this case. A buyer persona can help you find specific details about the type of audience you have gathered. As you learn about your customers, catering to their needs and meeting what appeals to them will become clearer. These details can include, but aren’t limited to: where you can find them, what they enjoy doing, how they would prefer to purchase and other tidbits of useful info. Interviewing someone (especially a customer) can also prove to be a great way of creating a form of buyer persona.

If you are looking to expand your audience, there are ways of bringing new people in. Going back to what I said earlier, marketing is about your audience, so you would be creating some sort of content that would appeal to this new group. Do people like to shop or get information online? Build that website and fill it with content that will bring in other people can catch attention.

As we were reminded in class “YOU are not your customer” and the ways of marketing have evolved. Great content and useful products are still essential, but knowing your audience and building something that people would want is even more effective. Soo remember, if you’re creating your own business or you want to get something you’ve worked hard on out there, remember who you’re targeting and use the tools necessary to reach them and bring them in.


The Role of Video and Audio in Web Marketing

In web marketing, a lot of what someone may do on their blog or website to market their products is all in text and still images. Blogs are especially notorious for being a great big wall of text with nothing but one’s own attention span and love of reading to keep their interest on a blog. There are some things in web marketing that text and images alone cannot do. Text cannot set an atmosphere, give off emotion or create any sort of vibe. This is when web marketers go on to using video or audio to enhance their marketing experience.

Thanks to the extra ‘bang’ that can be delivered with video, video has the power to turn topics that would otherwise be boring to viewers, interesting and fun, if done correctly. Videos can be posted on many different platforms. Some people will post video on their blog in order to enhance their blogger’s experience, but there are also platforms on the internet dedicated to video. YouTube, Vine, Dailymotion and Vimeo are a few examples of platforms marketers can use to get their messages across.

If video is too much of an investment (as video production can be expensive) than sometimes podcasts are the better way to go. Podcasts are simply audio files that a viewer can listen to. The benefit of podcasts is that they are much less expensive to dish out and can be updated on a more frequent basis. Podcasts can be played on such platforms like: iTunes, Google Reader, MyYahoo and Newsgator just to name a few. Podcasts are also very easy to control and are very powerful tools in terms of reaching potential buyers directly. Because of small production value and its ease of creation, podcasts can react to audience feedback on a timely basis and in an interesting way.

While podcasts and video are very useful and can possibly hold a company up on its own, they are not meant to completely thwart the other tools of web marketing and should be used alongside the other web marketing tools as a way of enhancing and optimizing on your arsenal of web marketing strategies.

Media such as video and audio are powerful tools in the web marketing industry. On the internet, people are impatient and can only read so much text before they begin to get bored and lose their attention. Video and audio are fun and interesting ways to keep a user attentive to what it is you are trying to convey.

Great Content and it’s Value.

On the internet, there is great content and there is poor content. Content on the internet is simply the various items that can be found, varying from written pieces to interactive media to audio and visuals.

There is a huge list of content that the internet and google just loves, but to summarize it, the internet loves quick and easy-to-understand information. This is very important in regards to monetization on the internet.

Nowadays, when someone wishes to purchase something, the internet is the go-to place. The internet makes it easy to buy something without leaving the comfort of your home, but this is why it is so important we create great content, to make people want to buy online from our websites. Something any marketer must realize, is that people do not openly search for advertisements, everyone wants content. It isn’t the shameless ads that drives the force of one’s sales, it is the content that makes a mark with the potential buyer that truly makes or breaks online sales.

So what sort of content should be developed on a website? What should this content exactly accomplish? Well it is very important that your content makes your website memorable and appealing. You want your content to make your website something that will make it easy to interact, get information and also have enough hype to let users share it with other users. The vocabulary used can already make a website memorable and give it an ounce of personality, but that alone will not do the trick of gaining buyers. It is also important to interact with buyers and have yourself open to answer questions, which is why a section that either allows for forum posts or contact information is a powerful asset to any website ever, not only a website meant for pushing sales. Customer interaction between other fellow customers can also help spread the word a lot faster, but having social media share buttons can also be an effective way of pushing your content outside of your website.

It is very important to focus content on the user and not yourself. Make it easy for customers to access and have the content make a lasting impact. Content is key to any website, so let your content create the user-experience that satisfies your audience.

Marketing and PR: The New and Old Style.

Marketing and PR are fields that have evolved a lot since their debut. Though many of us have not noticed the change, as our current generation is mostly familiar with the new ways of PR and marketing.

With the old style, marketing was simply just advertising. Throwing your product out there and pushing the ideas onto potential consumers. It was a one way ride from the company to the potential consumers. One of the harshest drawbacks in the old marketing style, was the need for a media source to get your information out into the world. Over reliance on something hard to obtain has probably saw to the end of many products with potential.

In this day in age, it’s less about forcing your information to the public. The world of marketing and PR is no longer a one way communication and the audience of both field is completely different! Regular people have way more say in things that go on then they ever did!

The new rules allow for way more feedback and conversation with your audiences. With everyone having access to information, it’s less about trying to get your product out, but instead trying to find that one consumer-base that needs you’re what you can offer. The new ways of marketing rely on you creating something that keep a niche consumer-base interested, something the consumers genuinely want. This change of target makes the marketing field a more creative and varied field than it ever was with the old style. New marketing has had so much potential in creating new jobs for people with different strengths. Examples being bloggers, web-designers, even digital graphic designers can have a bigger impact on marketing than they previously did. With help of the net, anyone at home can now market something, whether it’d be a product, service or even an idea, the net allows for easy direct-contact and many options for posting information about anything.

The old rules have no value in the new world of marketing and PR, in fact, to follow them can be considered sinful in today’s marketing world. Marketing is no longer simply advertising. Trying to appeal to everyone in the world is impossible and makes it difficult to obtain a loyal consumer-base. No one wants to have a product they don’t care about shoved at them. It does the company no benefit, and may even tarnish their image.

In conclusion, I think the new form of marketing is exciting and much more approachable. The old style comes off as annoying, intrusive and kind of a field of negativity and aggression. The new style allows for a much more relaxing approach to products.